With Stay at Home orders becoming more relaxed in the coming weeks to months ahead, we want to welcome our friends and visitors back to Conneaut, Ohio.

Although we are excited to slowly and cautiously reopen our community to our visitors, we would like to emphasize the importance of continuing to follow the Stay Safe Ohio and Social Distancing guidelines that are currently in place.

Our local businesses and organizations have been busy modifying their establishments to adhere to State and Local Department of Health guidelines to ensure your safety. We ask that visitors respect the efforts that our community has taken to ensure our safety as well as yours. 

This year our community will be missing some of our most popular events due to the COVID-19,  but we still have so much to see and do, and can be done safely.

We look forward to seeing our friends and visitors around town this summer and thank you in advance for your cooperation and respecting the health and safety of everyone by following the established Social Distancing guidelines.

Thank you! 

Conneaut Convention and Visitors Bureau